Function Ports FAQs-USB-A

"What should I do if the hub/dock's USB-A or USB-C data port is not working?

If you connect a device to the USB-A port but it cannot be recognized by your laptop or you cannot transfer data between the device and your laptop, the issue may lie in the connected laptop, USB-A device, or with the hub/dock itself.
Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help identify and resolve the problem.

For the laptop:
If you have a Windows laptop, update the USB driver to see if the problem persists.
If you have a MacBook, update your operating system to the latest version
Try this device with a different laptop to see if the issue persists.
For the connected USB-A device:
Confirm that all devices are securely attached.
Confirm if the device works normally without the hub/dock.
Try a different USB-A device to see whether it works normally when connected to the hub/dock.
Confirm that the USB-C device connector works when plugged in positively or negatively.
Try using different cables to connect the devices.
If possible, try to minimize the simultaneous use of high power devices. (e.g. hard disk, stereo, fan, camera with led)
For the hub/dock:
Confirm if the hub/dock's LED light is on when it's connected to a laptop.
Try using a different hub/dock to see whether the problem persists.
If all of the steps above cannot help you locate and resolve the problem, please contact Quuge Customer Support for further assistance. Briefly mention the steps that you’ve already tried for a faster solution.
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