What should I do if the Hub gets hot and warm?

If you notice that your item is warm, try the following troubleshooting steps.
Do not place near the cooling vents of your notebook computer.
Do not place items on the docking station/base station.

Firstly, check if the temperature rise is within the normal range (lower than 25℃ / 77°F) when using this hub. If so, it is considered normal.

If the temperature rise is more than 25℃ / 77°F when using this hub, it is considered abnormal. In this case, confirm if the hub works properly when it gets hot and whether the abnormal temperature rise occurs under full load.

Finally, try using this item with a different laptop and different working peripheral devices to determine if the issue persists.

If possible, plug your display cable directly into your devices and see if you get a display with both images and sound.
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